Senior Women’s

  • Rosey Mortellaro
    Rosey Mortellaro MIDFIELD
  • Marina Mendrinos
    Marina Mendrinos DEFENDER
  • Kyra Papadakis
    Kyra Papadakis FORWARD
  • Katya Syngeniotis
    Katya Syngeniotis DEFENDER
  • Romy Heasly
    Romy Heasly MIDFIELD
  • Nicoletta Hadzidimitriou
    Nicoletta Hadzidimitriou DEFENDER
  • Katrina Constatntinou
    Katrina Constatntinou DEFENDER
  • Azize Erenli
    Azize Erenli MIDFIELD
  • Molly Clark
    Molly Clark FORWARD
  • Georgette Diamantopoulos
    Georgette Diamantopoulos FORWARD
  • Kara Bernardo
    Kara Bernardo MIDFIELD
  • Dani Pierias
    Dani Pierias DEFENDER
  • Daisie Noonan
    Daisie Noonan MIDFIELD
  • Riahannon Jacobs
    Riahannon Jacobs Forward
  • Ioanna Sakellaropoulos
    Ioanna Sakellaropoulos Defender
  • Joanna Oungrini
    Joanna Oungrini Forward
  • Tania Petropoulos
    Tania Petropoulos Midfield
  • Nathan Heard
    Nathan Heard HEAD COACH
  • Jacinta Rosales
    Jacinta Rosales ASSISTANT COACH
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