Notice of Annual General Meeting



Notice is given to all members of MAZENOD VICTORY FOOTBALL CLUB INC. that the Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held at 7:00pm on Tuesday, 26th March 2019 at The Clubrooms, Mazenod College, Kernot Avenue, Mulgrave, Victoria 3170.

The meeting will commence at 7:00pm sharp.

General Business

The general nature of the business of the meeting of Mazenod Victory Football Club Inc (“the Club”) will be as follows:

1. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Club held on 22nd November 2017

2. To present the financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss statement) of the Club for the period 1 November 2017 – 31 October 2018

3. To consider and pass resolutions as an ordinary resolution regarding the appointment of office bearers to the Club

4. General business (including the President’s Report)

Notice of Motion

Any member may submit a notice of motion that the member wishes to be voted upon at the meeting by sending details of the proposed motion in writing to the Secretary not less than 2 business days before the meeting is to be held. Notices of motion can only be accepted if submitted in accordance with this requirement.

Anthony Santo Biondo
1 March 2019

View or download the Notice here (PDF).

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